Moon Residences

Experience life’s essence perfectly encapsulated at Moon Residences. This architectural wonder is strategically situated on the highest elevation point within the Fifth Square project, commanding unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape, water features, and the contemporary design of Fifth Square’s clubhouse along North 90th Street. Dedicated to addressing every facet of your physical and emotional well-being in one convenient location, Moon Residences seamlessly blends a comprehensive range of facilities, services, and access to various amenities within the clubhouse, catering to every leisurely aspect of your day-to-day lifestyle. Comprising of 61 buildings, Moon Residences offers luxurious, fully finished homes with diverse designs tailored to meet the unique needs of different families. These residences, ranging from 90 sqm to 250 sqm, are the epitome of modern living, ensuring that Moon Residences not only provides a home but an elevated living experience for its residents.
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